April 17, 2014

Cute & Easy DIY Alligator Initial Door Hanger

When my sister had her baby last year, I made her an alligator initial door hanger to hang on her hospital door.  Since she was having a boy, I didn't want to make anything too frilly or froo-froo. I wanted to keep it simple but still cute.

The baby nursery was the inspiration for the shower I had thrown her last year. You can see the alligator baby shower by clicking here.  I created the door hanger to match her nursery theme-Pottery Barn Alligator Madras.  

List of Supplies:

-White monogram letter (from Michaels)
-Painted wooden alligator cut-out (from Hobby Lobby)
-Navy blue, black and bright blue acrylic paint (I mixed the colors to get the right shade of navy blue)
-Ribbon (about 1 yard)
-Hot glue 

Step 1:
Using a ruler and pencil, measure and lightly mark the spacing for the stripes. I drew 8 lines about 1 1/2" in width. I extended the lines to the sides of the letter.

Step 2:
 Paint the stripes starting with the top stripe in navy and skipping every other stripe. Although the letter was thin, I painted the sides to extend the stripes on the side view. Allow paint to dry.

Step 3:
Find where you want to place alligator cut-out then hot glue in place.  Allow glue to dry completely.

Step 4:
Measure ribbon to make a bow for hanger and allow for extra ribbon to be glued to the back of the letter. Cut ribbon to desired length. Tie a bow in the center of the ribbon and glue ribbon to the back side of the letter.  Allow glue to dry.

Step 5:
Hang your new oh-so-cute monogram initial on a nursery door or child's bedroom wall! 

It's also a perfect and easy DIY gift to make for a new baby for the hospital door hanger. This could even be used to decorate a front door if you're having an alligator themed party!

Keeping it simple yet still cute, you can make this too! 


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  2. What a useful DIY! Thanks for sharing the method to make this alligator initial door hanger. I can also replace alligator with something else like any fruits or cartoon character!

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